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5 Email Marketing Challenges & Solutions

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5 Email Marketing Challenges & Solutions

Email Marketing Secrets

Email Marketing has its challenges – but there are some easy solutions!

In the Top 4 Email Marketing Secrets article, it was mentioned that there are a number of challenges that many marketers list as their top challenges when it comes to marketing by email.  While there are many questions and even hurdles, email marketing is a very powerful tool.

In 2012 a survey was conducted of more than 2,700 businesses.  They were asked to rank the significance of twelve common email marketing challenges.  The top five challenges that they listed are described below.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these email marketing challenges and what some solutions may be to overcome them…

#1 Email Marketing Integration

Marketers need to know how different marketing tools are performing.  Some examples may be tracking the sales process of email conversions or perhaps the relationship between an email marketing campaign and landing page performance.  Integration opens doors for the consumer as well as the company, making the process a more enjoyable experience for all concerned.

In order to make this happen, you need to use the right tools for the job.  This typically is solved in the form of marketing software that allows you to integrate your email marketing.  But it also needs to connect to SEO, blogging, lead generation.  This allows you to better target your customers and prospects alike, as long as you keep the buyer persona in mind.  Of course this also leads to the need for more content creation that fits the needs, wants and desires of your customers.

#2 Improved Deliver-ability

This is the percentage rate at which your email actually gets delivered to a recipient, so the validity of your list or the quality of the list you are cultivating is the central issue here.  In other words, it is how much of your email list goes to active email addresses versus how many get kicked back to you.

The way to keep your bounce-back rate low (as well as avoiding complaints) is to practice good email list hygiene.  As you get repeated bounces from an address, remove it from your list.  Use a tighter opt-in process to obtain email addresses to prevent invalid ones from getting on your list.  And you will want to give the people on your list the ability to adjust their preferences for email that you send them.

#3 Growing Your List & Retaining Subscribers

It is really easy to get in trouble with this one, especially if you get lazy and decide to purchase lists of email.  Sooner or later someone will complain and your email may end up on spam blacklists, you may get blacklisted by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or you may even face criminal charges for spamming – DON’T BUY EMAIL LISTS!!!

Instead, earn your subscribers by offering them something of value.  Offer them substance in the form of what the benefit will be for someone subscribing to your email list.  Make sure that you are emailing the RIGHT people with the RIGHT message.

#4 Achieving A Measurable Return On Investment (ROI)

For many marketers, knowing how to connect the messages sent out and when prospective clients become customers can be a big challenge.  Coincidentally, this ties directly into issue and solution #1 – Integrating Email Marketing Data.

The easiest way to do so is called closed-loop marketing.  Quite simply, this tracks a prospects journey from clicking through an email, what pages they visit and finally at what point they become a paying customer.  This kind of information makes it extremely easy to identify what your powerful marketing channels are.  It also allows you to see what your ROI is for your marketing efforts.

#5 Using Email To Fill The Sales Funnel

Sending the wrong message or the right message to the wrong people can quite easily alienate them.  Also, email by itself cannot be very fruitful in a vacuum or as a stand-alone solution.

However, if you nurture your leads, you educate them as well as qualify them.  This process is also known by other names, such as drip marketing, marketing automation and so on.  But no matter what it is called, it keeps the prospect engaged over the course of a month or more, which is the typical amount of time it takes for someone to become a customer.  Over the course of that time you need to keep them engaged, staying fresh in their minds.

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