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100 Articles

[Charles E. Snyder III Marketing] Celebrating 100 Articles Published!

100 Articles strong and still growing!

Today, [Charles E. Snyder III Marketing] celebrated the publishing and syndication of 100 articles!  We only just relaunched our website on July 3, 2015.  Since then, with a few hiccups along the way, we have been creating useful content on a steady basis.  We have also been working on the design and layout of the website as well.

The range of topics covered has been growing too.  At first, the original few articles covered some of the more notable projects that RVHWD has completed.  Then customer testimonials were added along with a series of articles that answered the frequently asked questions about website hosting, email setup and so on.

But the real value started with the various articles dealing with web design, search engine optimization, email marketing and so much more.  Many of our articles were published in a series of progressively related content, a few of which have grown to twenty or more installments in each series!  The 100th of which was the article 25 Tools To Increase Website Traffic Part 5.

This was also earmarked by a slight modification to the link structure of the [Charles E. Snyder III Marketing] website.  This modification will help to speed up page loading and involved the editing of more than 500 internal links and seen the addition of another 63 internal links to aid in navigation of the articles.  In other words, we made our website more user-friendly.

[Charles E. Snyder III Marketing] Continues Record-Breaking Growth

In other news, our company continues with some rather impressive record-breaking growth.  This growth is in the form of website traffic such as more than 1,700 visitors and more than 17,000 page views in the month of October!  And the number for November are looking even more promising; imagine what [Charles E. Snyder III Marketing] could do for you!!!

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