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10.5 Stupid things that marketers do

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10.5 Stupid things that marketers do

10.5 Stupid things that marketers do

10.5 Stupid things that marketers do

With all the technical advances that have occurred in the last 20 years, the world has turned into a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape where the only thing that is consistent is change.  Theoretically, many of these changes are supposed to make our lives and our work much easier, but the reality is that it has really become just that much more complex.  We have tools and gadgets that keep us connected to a never-ending information overload, which takes time away from doing, just so we can sift through all of the mud in order to find that one golden nugget.

The reality is that everyone – including marketers – are simply overwhelmed.  Sometimes it seems like every day there is something new that we must absolutely learn or we might get left behind in the dust.  But much of it is simply a waste of time and money or was never a good idea to begin with.  So then the real problem is figuring out what is garbage and what is not, which takes time to do too.  A lot of time!

So in light of that, here are 10.5 things that you can eliminate from your internet marketing toolkit and maybe save a little bit of time as well as money in the process!

  1. SEO FixationOn-Page SEO is only 25% of the pie, so quit wasting time spamming your pages and posts full of keywords; it will only hurt you in the long run.  Focus on building links, the user experience and converting traffic into leads.
  2. The Deluge of Content – When starting out it is a good idea to publish about once per day for several months; however there are schools of thought that recommend posting several times a day, every day.  Fuggitaboutit!  Read the Business Blogging 101 series and focus on creating valuable content even if that means you only publish two or three times per week.
  3. The Fall-Back Offer – Some marketers has a fall-back or go-to offer that they rely on a lot.  This gets old after while and ceases to be a star performer.  Cut that crutch from your inventory and create a new offer that captures the attention of your website visitors.
  4. Mini-Me Sites – One way to increase SERP is to have in-bound links and some marketers have had the not-so-bright idea of creating millions of mini-sites or micro-sites that link to the main website.  This does little to affect actual SERP and it takes even more time and money to manage all of those little websites.  Focus on creating great content that people want to read; the links will come.
  5. Over-Analyzing – Too many marketers focus on report after report and never get much of anything else accomplished.  You don’t need to be anal for analyzing, just focus on the metrics that help you succeed!
  6. Press-Releases – Most of your press-releases are quite simply a waste of time unless it is actually a newsworthy item.  Write content that people want to read and that attracts quality links as well as quality traffic.
  7. Flinging PPC Poo – Marketers sometimes fling untargeted pay-per-click ads at the ‘wall’ to see if anything sticks.  Quit wasting your time and money – focus on your ideal customer even if the audience is much smaller; the leads will be much higher qualified.
  8. Mobile Apps – Today there is an app for just about everything imaginable.  Quit wasting time developing an app and focus on making your entire website mobile-friendly; the benefits far out-weigh any success an app may have!
  9. Redundant RedesignsWebsite Redesign is not necessarily the answer to every marketing question.  Instead, focus on making small changes to your existing website with A/B Testing to discover what has a greater impact.
  10. (Anti-)Social Media – Not every social media network works for everyone; quit wasting time trying to make a circle fit where a square should be!  Your time is better spent on working the social media websites that DO work for you.

And for your extra special bonus:

10.5 Automating Social Media – For every one of those social media pages you maintain, you should be using tools that automate the process for you.  Quit wasting time tweeting and reposting what you have already done!

Market smartly!

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